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          PU cold room panel

          PIR cold storage panel characteristics:
          1. Thermosetting material, flame retardant grade
          2. Low heat conductivity, good thermal insulation effect, wide range of usage.
          3. It has the characteristics of fluorine-free, environmental protection, anti-corrosion, mildew resistant and so on.
          4. High mechanical strength, dimensional stability and durability.
          5. CNC cutting can meet the requirements of different thickness of cold insulation.

          PIR is a kind of foam plastic containing isocyanate ring in the molecular structure. Compared with PUR, PIR has the following advantages:
          (1) It has good heat resistance. It can be used continuously for a long time at 150 ℃, and the size change rate is less than 1%. If for short-term usage, temperature can be higher. If PUR is used for a long time at this temperature, the strength will obviously decrease, and the appearance and size will also change.
          (2) Flame resistance penetration is good. PIR panel with thickness of 250mm is burned with propane flame to the center of one side, it takes around 30min burn the panel. The high density PIR and the inorganic filler material have longer flame duration and can even burn several hours.  is burned in a few minutes under the same conditions.

          Panel thickness 50mm - 250mm
          Length According to customer’s requirement
          Up sheet material 0.4-0.8mm galvanized color steel sheet
          Down sheet material 0.4-0.8mm galvanized color steel sheet
          Core material PUR/PIR foam
          Panel width 600-1000mm
          Orientation Vertical or horizontal
          Heat conductivity ≤0.024
          Fireproof rating B1
          Compressive strength 0.14Mpa

          PU cold room panel uses lightweight PU as the core material of cold room panel. The advantage is good performance of heat insulation. The exterior of PU cold room panel is composed by SII, PVC color plate and corrosion resistant plate. Cold room panel has the advantages of corrosion resistance, aging resistance, inflaming retarding, non-poison, light weight and low price. It is solid enough to withstand voltage and easy to operate. The features of cold room panel also contains good-looking appearance, long service time and sanitation.

          Rigid PU has the low thermal conduction coefficient and thermal performance. Rigid PU has the lowest thermal conduction coefficient among all thermal insulation materials.

          PU cold room panel has the performance of humidity resistance and water resistance. The percentage of close area of rigid PU is over 90% which belongs to the hydrophobic material. The thermal conduction coefficient won't increase because of the increase of humidity and the wall won't have the phenomenon of water seepage.

          PU cold room panel has the features of fireproofing, inflaming retarding and high temperature resistance. Under the same heat preservation requirements, using PU cold room panel can reduce the thickness of external building envelope of the building so that the interior usable area can be increased. It is due to the good performance of thermal insulation of PU panels.

          The porosity structure of PU material is steady and is basically closed pore structure. Therefore, PU material has good performance of heat preservation, sound absorption and resistance to freezing and thawing.

          PU cold room panel is widely used in construction industry, large industrial plants, large storage, large and medium-sized cold storage, airport construction, chemical industry, energy, stadium(hospital, electronics, aquaculture, food) purification workshop, office building and so on. PU cold room panel is especially for the refrigeration equipments of food industry such as refrigerator, freezer, refrigerator, refrigerator car. Rigid PU foam is the most ideal thermal insulation material for refrigeration equipments.

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