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          Welcome to login [Wuxi Shengming Green Building Material Co., Ltd.]!


          Director: Clarissa Sun

          Mob/Whatsapp: +86-13771176471

          Tel: +86-510-66006888

          Email: info@chinasmjceco.com

          Web: www.chinasmjceco.com

          Add: No.500 Qianhu Road, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

          PU roof panel

          ● The wave peak height greatly improves the bearing capacity of roof panel. While ensuring the building thermal insulation effect, it can also reduce the customer's construction cost effectively, the roof slope can reach 3%.
          ● Large span, fast drainage and convenient installation.
          ● Fast installation, airtight and good anti capillary seepage effect.

          Panel thickness 50mm - 250mm
          Length According to customer’s requirement
          Up sheet material 0.4-0.8mm galvanized color steel sheet
          Down sheet material 0.4-0.8mm galvanized color steel sheet
          Core material PUR/PIR foam
          Panel width 600-1000mm
          Orientation Horizontal
          Heat conductivity ≤0.024
          Fireproof rating B1
          Compressive strength 0.14Mpa

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