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          Director: Clarissa Sun

          Mob/Whatsapp: +86-13771176471

          Tel: +86-510-66006888

          Email: info@chinasmjceco.com

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          Curtain wall panel

          The new type of hidden screw fire-proof and heat insulation four side grooved and tongued joint metal curtain wall panel mainly consists of core material, surface sheet and base sheet, polyurethane side seal; the two ends of the panel are bent towards one side of the inner panel to form a folding edge; Its characteristic is that a sealing plate is fixed between the folding edge and the core material, and the size and shape of the figure formed by the folding edge and the sealing plate are the same as the size and shape of the end face of the core material. Adhesive tape can also be set to achieve sealing, heat reflection and heat insulation.

          1. Through the cooperation of the sealing plate and the folding edge, the end face of the core material is completely sealed, which makes the metal curtain wall panel have good sealing around four sides, and solves the shortcomings of the end face that is not sealed or partially sealed in the past
          2. The metal curtain wall panel has good air tightness, water tightness and heat insulation performance, which ensures the heat preservation and heat insulation performance of the curtain wall panel.
          3. Adopt the hidden screw fixing. It changes the traditional installation method with external locking screw. It not only has the excellent waterproof performance, but also is more beautiful and practical;
          4. The unique hidden screw design prevents the rainwater from infiltrating; the three-dimensional design of the surface makes the system have excellent ornamental;
          5. A variety of heat preservation materials can be selected for filling to enhance the flatness and strength.
          6. The building wall is beautiful and smooth, the surface is smooth and flat, replacing the decorative effect of aluminum curtain wall;
          7. High bending resistance, excellent mechanical properties of the wall, reduce the dependence on auxiliary steel structure.
          Panel thickness 50mm-150mm
          Length According to customer’s requirement
          Up sheet material 0.4-0.8mm galvanized color steel sheet
          Down sheet material 0.4-0.8mm galvanized color steel sheet
          Core material Rock wool and PU
          Panel width 1000mm
          Orientation Vertical or horizontal
          Fireproof rating Rock wool A grade; PU B1 grade
          Installation type Hidden screw type
          Surface protection Two side special protective film

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