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          Welcome to login [Wuxi Shengming Green Building Material Co., Ltd.]!


          Director: Clarissa Sun

          Mob/Whatsapp: +86-13771176471

          Tel: +86-510-66006888

          Email: info@chinasmjceco.com

          Web: www.chinasmjceco.com

          Add: No.500 Qianhu Road, Huishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

          Features of polyurethane roofing

          1. Polyurethane roofing panel has the characteristics of being able to bear high load strength, strong resistance to deformation, not easy to crack, and stable and safe finish.
          2. With heat resistance, sound insulation and sound absorption; light weight and tasteless, it is a new type of building material product.
          3. It can strongly bond with steel plate, cement, fiberboard, brick and various materials, and at the same time, it can effectively strengthen its thermal insulation and waterproof effect.
          4. The foaming process makes the product have low thermal conductivity, outstanding thermal stability, and fire resistance up to B1.
          5. The average service life of polyurethane roofing panels can reach more than several decades under the conditions of normal use and maintenance. The weather resistance is good. When the temperature is lower than 120 ℃, there is no obvious change in volume and strength.
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