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          Phenolic board architecture

          The system structure of phenolic board mainly consists of: adhesive layer, thermal insulation layer, plastering layer, decorative layer and accessories. The bonding layer is attributed to the building. It is between the bottom layer and the surface layer. The top and bottom layers are firmly bonded together with a gel material. The main source of the filler is inorganic substances. Insulation layer In order to avoid and reduce the loss of heat from the steam turbine to the environment, the insulation material layer laid on the exterior of the steam turbine and pipelines is mainly filled with rock wool fibers and a certain amount of organic matter, moisture, and adhesives. For the facing layer, light functional coatings such as facing mortar and embellishment mortar or breathable water-based exterior wall coatings should be selected, so that the phenolic board retains its light characteristics and also increases its aesthetics.
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