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          Processing composition of rock wool composite board

          Rockwool composite board is made of rockwool board. We usually use rockwool composite board in the construction industry. The probability is very high, because rockwool composite board has gained a lot of attention as a kind of insulation The characteristics of the composite board also make everyone like rock wool composite board. It can help you reduce the risk of fire. Some buildings now install this kind of fireproof rock inside or outside the wall during house construction. The purpose of the cotton board is to block the fire source and achieve the purpose of fire prevention and heat preservation.
          The use of rock wool composite panel in the external wall can reduce the casualties and property losses caused by the fire. The most important thing is to strive to do a good job in fire prevention. The loss caused by the fire is also very large. The quality must be selected, choose the appropriate rock wool composite board, welcome to inquire.
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